Vasiliki Livadiotis - Make Up Artist from

Vasiliki was born in December 1984 in Larissa, Greece. Having artistic roots, she realised in a very early age that her dream was to be occupied in the field of fashion. After finishing school, she moved to Thessaloniki where she began her make up studies. In her 20's she moved to Athens, where she continued her studies in Kountoura's studio, studying styling and make up. Meanwhile, she began working for Roula Koromila's TV show as make up artist. This was the beginning of many other successful cooperations for many years. She has visited Paris many times, in order to attend theatrical make up seminars in "Paris-Berlin". She has cooperated with many well known magazines, like: In Style, Down Town, Glamour, Cosmopolitan, Nitro, and photographers, including: Olimpia Krasagaki, Vasilis Zahariadis, Ioanna Tsetsoumis, Loukas Hapsis, Christos Tzimas, Korwnis Mihalis, Theo Albanis. She currently lives in Larissa, Greece, where she owns a make up studio, but she very often visits Athens as well, where she still has business relationships.